How to Clean Church Pews

Pews are still a common staple in American churches across the country. They’re functional, spacious, and even in some cases comfortable. So it only makes sense that churches would want to keep them clean. But how do you clean a church pew? Pews come with many accessories to make them more functional, like prayer stools and hymn holders. There are many opportunities for them to accumulate dust and dirt. These are a few simple steps for keeping church pews clean.

Take a clean, cotton cloth and soak it in some warm water. Wring out all the water from the cloth until the cloth is just damp. Start wiping the pew with the damp cloth, removing all dust and dirt on the surface of the pew. Make sure to reach all crevices and corners that are normally hard to reach in the pew. The areas around and inside carvings should also receive close attention. Be sure to wipe and clean with the wood grain, not against.

Use a separate cotton cloth, and dampen it with mineral spirits. Also use a toothbrush with a soft bristle to dip into the mineral spirits as well. The damp cloth with the mineral spirits should be used to remove any residue of grime, oil, or grease in the pew. The toothbrush should be used to reach the crevices of all the pew carvings and corners in the wood. Use the brush and cloth in conjunction to reach all the parts that the other can’t reach. Both should continue to clean in the same direction with the grain.

When finished with the pew, allow it to dry. Then buff the pew with a clean microfiber cloth for a cleaner shine. This entire process should be repeated on each pew for a consistent shine throughout the church pew seating.


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